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​Legends Indoor Golf


Welcome to Legends Indoor Golf, where you can keep your swing sharp and play some of the world's most beautiful golf courses during the Midwest cold off-season. We offer an immersive golfing experience that caters to players of all abilities.  Play like a Legend whether you choose a bucket list course, play fun sporty courses, enjoy endless practice/skill challenges, fire up a scramble "best ball", jump into a league, play short courses/par 3's, or just swing, eat, drink, and relax...we have what golfers want & need.

Our season is November 1 to April 8 (April 1 if Spring comes early)

2091 63rd Street, Downers Grove, IL.  60516

1/2 mile east of I355 in the Meadowbrook Shopping Center


M-Th 9:00am - 11:30pm

Fri 9:00am -12:00am

Sat 7:00am -12:00am

Sun 7:00am -10:00pm




per bay



per bay




per bay

**Recommended 1-4 players per bay  (5 players max - $5 extra per hour for 5 players)** 

**Senior rates available M-F until 2:00pm**

**Weekend rates begin Friday at 3:00pm**

Please choose the amount of time that suits the entire group

**Reasonable pace of play just under one hour per player for 18 holes w sim putting (estimate only)**
please add additional paid time for extended warmup unless putting is removed (auto-putt)


Call us at 630-409-1220 for more information

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